Do this Exercise to get TALLER

This exercise will increase your level of energy and stimulate the glands in your body, increasing the release of Growth Hormones. You’ll also learn how to direct this energy to increase the height of your body and how to further impress the image of your taller body upon your subconscious.

Stand erect with arms outstretched horizontal to the floor, palms facing down. Keep your arms in line with shoulders. Spin around clockwise (to the right) until you become slightly dizzy. Generally, you should begin with about 5 spins a day and increase a spin a day until you do 21 spins.

To prevent dizziness, before you begin to spin, focus your vision on a single point straight ahead of you. As you begin to turn, this point will leave your field of vision. When you face that direction again, refocus on your point.

Stop as soon as you feel dizzy, or when you performed upto 21 spins. When you stop spinning, close your eyes and turn them upward. Turning your eyes upward (as in prayer) helps you to access your subconscious mind.

Bring your palms up together, in front of your chest, as in prayer. This hand gesture will also allow you to access your subconscious.

Now, repeat silently or aloud with conviction the following affirmation:

“I am growing taller. I am growing taller. I am growing taller. I AM GRATEFUL!”

While repeating this affirmation imagine your body as TALL as you want to be.

By spinning to the right, you generate energy- from the Universal Energy Field, absorbed through the energy centers in your body (chakra). This part of the exercise, by itself stimulates the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM and rejuvenates the body.

However, you can immediately direct this energy and intentionally use it to grow your body taller, by turning your eyes upward, putting your hands in “prayer” gesture (Namaskar Mudra). Imagine your body the way you want to be.

The Sanskrit word “Mudra” means seal. In the most antiquated times, the mudra was used to seal the pattern of energy along with the affirmation to get the results you desire from the sealed energy. Mudras gives out electromagnetic currents within the body, affect neurology and thus creates the effect on the body and mind.