The Reason behind the decrease in height of Indians

Globally, the average height of people is increasing. However, in india it seems to have a different case.

According to the new study titled “Adult height in India from 1998 to 2015: Evidence from National Family and Health Survey”, the situation is concerning.”Considering how the average height of people all around the globe is increasing and on the other hand, Indians showing a decrease in the average height is alarming and demands an urgent enquiry. The argument for different standards of height for the Indian population as different genetic groups needs further scrutiny, ” the authors of the study said.

The study further states, “Adequate nutrition is closely linked with an individual’s achievement of his/her genetic potential of height growth. The impact of nutrition on height gain can start as early as foetal life. Malnutrition during infancy, especially stunting around puberty, significantly affects the final height gain in adulthood.”

The study concludes that the decline in the average height of adults in India “reflect prior nutritional stress, which is conditioned by social and environmental factors over time. Socioeconomic factors, like household characteristics (number of siblings, occupation, class and locality, etc.), have a bearing on human stature.”

The average height of an Indian women has decreased by 0.42 cm and men’s average height has decreased by 1.10cm.

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